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Stuart's House of Vacuums carries a complete line of Riccar, Miele, Lindhaus and Sebo vacuums and accessories. Click below to see our full inventory of quality products, or call for more information.


Miele vacuums remain the Rolls Royce of vacuum cleaners and are for allergy sufferers and all those who demand nothing but the best.


German-engineered and Italian built, Lindhaus vacuum cleaners are amongst the best in the world. They offer superior cleaning effectiveness, hospital grade filtration and a 20+ year life span. These vacuums are designed for years of trouble-free service. Lindhaus is one of our HIGHLY recommended brands.


Riccar The best vacuum cleaner you never heard of. Their Factory is located in St. James, Missouri produces some of the highest quality vacuums on the market today. Where most of the well known brands have chosen to cut production cost and import most of their product from China / Asia (to compete for low prices in Big Box stores) making a lesser quality product. Riccar has chosen a different direction by making highly durable long lasting well performing vacuum cleaners and are constantly looking for ways to improve their product. Dollar for dollar Riccar is one of the best made machine on the market today, and being made in the USA makes us happy to support a quality manufacturer here in the USA


SEBO vacuums are superior in capturing household dust and preventing the spread of contaminants back into your indoor air environment. SEBO vacuums feature a Totally Sealed High Efficiency Vacuum Filtration System which actually improves the surrounding air as you vacuum. The entire vacuum cleaner has been tested to meet stringent particle retention standards. The exhaust air has been independently proven to meet the S-Class filtration standard of 99.9% to 0.3 microns. For particles of 1 micron and larger, which include pollens, dust mites, mold spores and most animal dander, the filtration rate is 100%. Tests by the British Allergy Foundation have shown that these SEBO vacuums produced zero levels of detectable airborne dust mite allergen. Measurements were also performed by SLG/Chemnitz in Germany to confirm S-Class standards for SEBO vacuums.