Riccar Foaming Window Cleaner With Ammonia
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Riccar Foaming Window Cleaner With Ammonia

Riccar Foaming Window Cleaner is a non-butyl pressurized aqueous blend of ammonia, solvents and contains isopropyl alcohol for a non-filming, streak-free, rapid drying glass and mirror cleaner.  Simply spray and wipe with a dry window/glass microfiber cloth for a smudge-free, streak-free surface. Foaming Window Cleaner may be used to clean glass and other non-porous hard surfaces, such as chrome.

Find the Riccar Foaming Window Cleaner and other Riccar products at Stuart’s House of Vacuums at 1804 Grand Avenue in Billings, Montana.


  1. Many glass cleaners contain Butyl products or leave behind a monomolecular shield, intended to prevent further smudging.  What really happens is that over time these “left behinds” build up and eventually make cleaning a real chore.  Windows spot and smear when wet or if you change glass cleaners.  Foaming Window Cleaner will remove these build-ups and old glass cleaner, leaving you with clear sparkling windows.
  2. A little goes a long way.  If you see streaks the first time you use Foaming Window Cleaner, don’t be dismayed!  You are loosening and removing your old glass cleaner.  You may have to clean the windows an extra time, but removing that old build-up will be worth it.
  3. Don’t believe the urban legend of using newspapers to dry your windows.  In the old days, news print left a film of grease that made the windows shine for a while, but they re-soiled quickly.  Through the years, printing processes have changed, and they don’t work like they used to.  Microfiber is best for glass and windows.
  4. Foaming Window Cleaner works well in bathrooms and fixtures, making them gleam as well – especially chrome faucets!