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You know and trust the Maytag® brand. Now Stuart House of Vacuums carries three powerful cleaning machines! Made in America and built to last, you can count on Maytag® durability and innovation. A clean air and direct air motors provide maximum agitation and suction for carpets and bare floors.

The vacuums are tough on dirt, pet hair, paw prints and ground in particles. On board accessories give you access to all the creases and crevices around the house that collect dirt. Want a light vacuum? See the M500 that weighs in at only 9 lbs.

See them all here or come in for a demonstration!


The lightweight M500 from Maytag works hard to get the job done. At just 9 pounds, it packs a powerful cleaning punch and is convenient enough to move up and down stairs or room to room with ease. learn more

The versatile M700 from Maytag was designed to clean it all. With a floor-to-ceiling cleaning performance, it easily switches surfaces to manage every room and comes with multiple on-board attachments for access to hard to reach areas. Designed durable, the constant cleaning power and performance lasts and lasts. learn more