Lindhaus Valzer
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Lindhaus Valzer

This new model was designed to meet the requirements of our customers to help alleviate allergy symptoms and/or environmental sensitivities.

It is equipped with a 3M filtrete microfilter (standard) which assures superior 5-stage filtration.

As an option, it can be equipped with a Hepa Filter, for total filtration in healthcare environments or with carbon active filter cartridge to trap offensive odors.

Lindhaus continues in its efforts to engineer and produce a superior vacuum cleaner with the highest filtration levels currently available on the market.

We strive to keep abreast of the ever-changing needs of the consumer to provide them not only the best cleaning vacuum but also a vacuum with a very beautiful and classic design that will last for years to come.

Thanks to the versatile Lindhaus patented hard floor tools, ceramic, marble, linoleum and wood floors are now extremely easy to clean. It quickly and efficiently removes all dirt and dust on the first pass.

With the optional back pack kit, the Valzer becomes a comfortable back pack unit to clean those above the floor and hard to reach areas with the hose and tools.

All Lindhaus vacuum cleaners use a unique five-stage filtration system for superior exhaust air quality. The final stage is hospital grade Filtrete filtration media from the 3M company. Thanks to this system, dust, pollen, dust mites and other contaminants responsible for allergies and asthma are effectively trapped.

Lindhaus has patented a very simple system with the port on the top for the hose attachment. This creates less bending over for the consumer and is helpful for above the floor cleaning.

Due to the rubber wheels and brush height adjustment, you can feel confident using the Lindhaus Valzer to vacuum your mattress to remove dust, hair and dust mites.

By attaching the optional blowing kit, you can take advantage of the hermetically sealed components to clear a sink, remove dust from radiators, etc. The suction and blowing action may also be used at the same time by using the optional hose.

Easy to operate and very quiet, the Lindhaus Valzer is equipped with a cogged drive belt and brush height adjustment to allow for the proper positioning of the power head in relation to the carpet thus providing superior cleaning efficiency. Its tapered shape and low profile makes cleaning around and under furniture effortless.

The Valzer can be equipped with all the optional tools required to make it the most advanced cleaning machine on the market today.