Lindhaus Diamante
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Lindhaus Diamante

Diamante Electronic represents a new generation of two motor multifunction, high efficiency filtration Upright Vacuum Cleaners.

It is the lightest two motor Upright that has ever been manufactured. Equipped with a patented weight distribution system that provides an extremely light handle weight.

Diamante Electronic has passed rigorous vertical and horizontal impact tests proving its incredible strength and reliability. And thanks to its exclusive design Diamante achieves several functions with the same machine: vacuum cleaner, dry cleaning system, electric broom and above the floor cleaner.

Its low profile allows access to cleaning under low furniture, and with interchangeable filters the owner controls the filtration level from 3M Filtrete microfilter (standard) up to S-Class HEPA or Carbon Active filter.

The newest high performance dual motor upright vacuum from Lindhaus designed for use in the home. The Diamante Electronic offers exceptional deep cleaning power with the low noise level and high filtration all Lindhaus vacuums are known for.

The Diamante Electronic is available in two versions, the 300 standard and 380 widepath cleaning models that make selection easy for any application small to large. The low profile design and accessories on board allow for perfect cleaning of all surfaces. With exceptional cleaning power it quickly and efficiently removes all dirt and dust on the first pass.

The five-stage filtration system comes standard and includes at the final stage an electrostatic microfilter “3M Filtrete” commonly used in hospitals for biological check. With the Diamante Electronic you are guaranteed that all air exiting the machine, including carbon dust coming out from the motor brushes, is purified obtaining a superior exhaust air quality. The Diamante’s user selectable filtration system allows for change based on the users needs to HEPA level filtration or carbon filtration for odors and gasses.

The Diamante is equipped with an electronic circuit that permits you to correctly regulate the height of the brush roll. It also allows the motor to start softly while keeping it at a constant speed during the cleaning process. The Diamante Electronic will also monitor the brush motor and will stop immediately should the brush roll get blocked – this will avoid damage to the cogged belt and all the moving parts of the brushing system.

Not only is the Diamante Electronic the lightest weight two motor upright ever manufactured, it is also amongst the quietest in it’s class. Low noise emissions adds to the pleasure of cleaning with the Diamante Electronic in the home. Less noise enables you to hear others while you vacuum, catch that important phone call or hear a child calling for your attention.

A patented weight distribution system and superior engineering also gives the Diamante Electronic a lightweight design which allows use by persons of any size with ease, even those with low strength in their hands. Moving the Diamante from one room to the next is easy with large rear transport wheels and easy carry handle.

All Terrain Vacuum (A.T.V.) means: a vacuum cleaner for all surfaces. The four functions: vacuum cleaner, electric broom, dry cleaning system and above the floor cleaner can all be controlled simply by the flip of a switch thus moving from one surface to the next is fast and simple to do.

A full compliment of on-board tools including telescopic cleaning wand and deluxe stretch hose along with optional roller covers allow for cleaning every surface in your home. The Diamante Electronic is All Terrain Cleaning with just one vacuum.

The two motors can work together or separately depending on the required function. In canister cleaning mode the brush roller can be shut off while the suction motor remains operational for cleaning surfaces above the floor with the built-in attachment set.

Leaving the brush motor off with the Diamante Electronic reclined into the floor cleaning mode allows for cleaning hard surfaces of all types including wood, tile, laminate and more. The rubberized wheels and bottom plate with no metal protrusions makes the Diamante Electronic perfect for cleaning even the most delicate floors.

The optional roller cover with felt is perfect for cleaning and polishing wood floors while the roller cover with squeegee is excellent for all other hard surfaces. The roller covers extend and enhance the Diamantes’ hard floor cleaning capabilities for homes with larger hard floor areas.

The patented dry cleaning system (DCS) for rugs and carpets is integrated into the Diamante Electronic. In only a few seconds and without any tools you can install the DCS converter and the machine is ready to dry-clean rugs and carpets.

The ecological Lindhaus cleaning products are available for the cleaning & maintenance of any textile surface. Dry-clean your carpets and rugs anytime without water. Less mess, no heavy water buckets to haul and no moisture added to the carpet which dust mites require to live. Dry carpet cleaning is quick and simple to do.